Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Introduction to Anatomy

  2. 2
    • 1: History of Anatomy

    • 2: Anatomical Position

    • 3: Anatomical Terminology

    • 4: Axial Skeleton

    • 5: Appendicular Skeleton

    • 6: Type of Bones

    • 7: Bony Landmarks

    • 8: Bony Landmarks and Planes of Movement

    • 9. Introduction to joint movements

    • 10. Movement Analysis

  3. 3
    • Learn Anatomy Online - Bones and Joints of the Knee

  4. 4
    • Introduction to Anatomy Quiz


Education Director

Mike Grice

Mike has a Degree in Osteopathy & Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Anatomist and has over 20 year’s experience in the Health and Fitness Industry. Mike started his own training company in 2003 specialising in Health, Fitness and manual therapy training (Movement Therapy Education). He lectured on the FdSc and BSc Sports Therapy programmes at University College Birmingham and has been a guest lecturer at Universities throughout the UK and Europe. Mike is a lead tutor/advisor for Movement Therapy Education, Elite Therapy Education, RockTape and NAQI and regularly teaches courses for Premier League and Championship football clubs. Mike has held consultancy roles with Boots, Pera Products, Startrite, Brytespark, MicroScooter and Convatec playing a key role in the research and development of new products and education systems. Mike regularly presents at conferences including Therapy Expo, FitPro, International Fitness Showcase, Good Health Show and also presented at the 2014 IOC world conference for Injury Prevention in Monaco. Mike runs Movement Therapy Clinics in Birmingham where his team put all that Movement Therapy Education teach in to practice.